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Zoe, Miss Buttons, Jasmine – S.C.A.R.F. Project

3 x beauty…3 x energy…3 x fun = Amazing! Meet the stunning Boxer trio:
Zoe’, Miss Buttons, and Jasmine.  These 3 ladies each have very unique personalities, but one thing is for sure…they are all 3 high energy, fun loving and will steal your heart!! And their FurMom is  an awesome lady! This family is the definition of amazing!

Thank you, Diana for spending the afternoon with me and sharing your 3 beautiful boxers! It was a perfect day!! And thank you for taking part in the S.C.A.R.F. Project! A donation will be made to Alaska Dog and Puppy Rescue on your behalf.

Below are the stories about each of these amazing girls, as told by their mom, Diana:

Zoe (green scarf)

Zoe is almost 4 years old. I found Zoe on Alaska’s List in June 2012.  There had been an ad for a litter of boxer puppies in Wasilla in May but wasn’t sure I wanted to have two dogs again. Jasmine was starting to get very clingy so I figured she needed a sister to play with so I found the Alaska’s List ad again and called. Leanne said that they had one female left and only because the lady who originally wanted her had never owned a boxer before and decided to back out. All of the other puppies in the litter were going to boxer experienced homes. I think someone told this lady what a handful boxers can be and I say that Zoe would have proven them right! A friend and I drove to Wasilla with Jasmine to meet Leanne and puppy. Two puppies came out of the garage and I fell in love. Jasmine got out of the car and it was love at first sight for Jasmine and Zoe.  They have been bonded since day one and Jasmine is the typical big sister and Zoe can be the bratty little sister. Zoe can be leash reactive with other dogs but does well in doggie day care and she has her friends she loves to play with. Zoe is crazy and sweet and stubborn. She also thinks that she has to patrol our condo building and let everyone know that other dogs are not allowed on ‘her’ property.  Typical boxer behavior is one dog sitting on the other. In our house, and at camp, Zoe uses Jasmine as her couch. Jas allows it but Zoe has tried it with other dogs and that doesn’t work too well.  As you know, Zoe recently had her ACL in her right knee repaired so she hasn’t been able to go to camp, running, or swimming. She hasn’t let it effect her spunk and sweetness and cuddles as close as she can with me at night (all three dogs sleep with me). Getting Zoe was another great decision I made even though she can be a handful!  I don’t think Zoe is afraid of anything and is full of love and kindness for me, Jasmine, Buttons, and the grandkids. And her tongue is too long to fit into her mouth and it’s the cutest thing to see but not so cute when she surprises you by sticking her tongue in your mouth.


Miss Buttons (pink scarf)

Buttons, or as I call her, Miss Buttons, (age 7) was surrendered to Alaskan Animal Rescue Friends (AARF) with two other boxers (ages 6 & 4) by their owner. My co-worker would get Facebook news feeds from this rescue group and would show me all the dogs up for adoption. At one time there was a male boxer (Charlie?) in need of foster care but with working full-time and already having two young boxers, I didn’t think adding another dog would be a good idea. Sometime in April, my co-worker showed me the three boxers up for adoption at AARF. I was getting ready to retire at the end of April so I said I’d think about checking out the dogs. I did visit the three boxers at the AARF kennel and talked to Bev a little bit about the dogs. I knew that I couldn’t take all three but I also didn’t want to split them up. Bev said that the two younger ones (male and female) were bonded and Buttons was the ‘third wheel’. I brought Jasmine and Zoe to the next adoption clinic so that they could meet Buttons and see how they got along. During that meet in the fenced area I asked the volunteer if Charlie had been adopted. Unfortunately Charlie and another dog got into a fight, Charlie had surgery but didn’t survive. He thinks Charlie was so stressed out that he couldn’t pull through. That made up my mind right then and there that I was going to adopt Buttons. I brought Buttons home mid-May 2015 and have had only one second of “uh oh maybe this wasn’t a good idea”. That was on day one when I tried to coax her into a kennel for the night. After a vet check, grooming at Pet Smart, and $1100. worth of dental work (cleaning and extractions), she was feeling much better and I had no more second thoughts. I was worried that Zoe wouldn’t want Buttons to actually live with us (playing is one thing, but living here is another thing). It’s actually been Zoe who has not given up on Buttons and being a little sister, Zoe bugged Buttons into playing.  Jasmine was growled at a few times by Buttons and Jas would tune her out and ignore her for days. Zoe was also growled at by Buttons but that didn’t faze Zoe at all. Zoe was going to get Buttons to play no matter how long it took. Buttons was signed up for doggie day camp but because she’s older (7) and not as crazy as the other two, Buttons is in another playroom with all sizes of dogs that are a little calmer than the large, rowdy dogs. She loves going to camp and gets so excited when we pull up on Wednesdays. She also loves, loves kids! I have four grandchildren and she shakes with excitement when she sees them. Her favorite is my 11 year old grandson Austin. Buttons has progressed so much since May. I think the stress of being given up, spending time in a loud, smelly kennel with concrete floors, and not knowing what was going on was a lot for her. But she is loved by me, Jas, and Zoe and knows she’s home for good. She loves camp, the dog park, dog food shopping, and going to the swimming pool so she can walk around with her life vest on but she won’t go in the water.  She is one of the sweetest, loving, sociable dogs I’ve ever met. There are still so many things about her that I don’t know and I am always learning something about her. She fits right in and gets spoiled just like the other two. Buttons is like the dog momma the way she cleans the other two. When Zoe came home from her knee surgery, both Buttons and Jasmine stuck very close to Zoe. She’s been a wonderful addition and I’m very happy that my co-worker showed me Button’s picture.


Jasmine (purple scarf)

I found Jasmine in February 2012 on Anchorage Craig’s List. I had just lost my male boxer, Rocky, in November 2011 a day after he turned 14. And just a year before that I lost my old Boston Terrier.  I was visiting my parents for  week in February 2012 in Arizona and looking online for a boxer puppy to bring back to Anchorage.  My house was just too quiet without a dog so I was checking rescue sites, Craig’s List, and shelters. Three days before I was due to head back to Anchorage I checked Anchorage CL is the “Sale” section (not in the ‘Pets’ section) and there was a 5-month old brindle boxer. I figured I would call when I got back home and did that on my first day home. Josh had purchased this puppy from a breeder in Michigan and had her shipped up for a Christmas present for his two young daughters. Unfortunately Josh’s ex-wife was moving out of state and did not want to take the dog. Josh worked on the North Slope and couldn’t keep her. He did say that he had quite few calls but they just weren’t the right home. I told him that “I was the right home”. We met up on Saturday at my house so he could meet the turtles and iguana and his daughters could meet me. Jasmine has been with me for four years (this month) and she has been the greatest dog! She is even tempered, good natured, playful but can get fierce if someone or something she perceives as a threat to me or Zoe and Buttons. She loves my grandchildren, going to doggie day care, running at Connors Bog, and is learning to swim at K-9 Aquatics. She’s afraid of ladders, vacuums, or any type of furniture that gets moved. She will tear up my mail and newspapers if she gets a chance. She seems to think the mail is out to get her.  We call her Jasmine, Jazzy Jas, Chunky Jas, Chunky Butt, and Sister Jas. She’s the best sister to Zoe and Buttons. She brought back laughter and fun into my house after taking care of Rocky (he had degenerative myelopathy and was unable to use his back legs). I also knew that Rocky would have loved Jasmine (and of course Zoe and Buttons).



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