About Cris

I am very passionate about dogs and about being a dog photographer in the beautiful state of Alaska.  I have had a lifelong journey surrounded by dogs and a love for them that runs deep. Photography came second. From bouncy little puppies to gray muzzles, my life has been blessed with many. I am currently blessed with six dogs, but it is because of one very special Chocolate Lab in my life that the Journey Photography was born. And it is through those blessings that I realized that everyone deserves professional and affordable portraits of their fur family…and so my photography journey began.

Being raised on a ranch, I have been around animals all my life, which always included dogs.  I’ve worked alongside some of the best dog trainers in the industry and also worked in a veterinarian clinic.  I spend my off time doing activities with my dogs, which have included nose-work, agility and obedience, just to name a few.  I am a firm believer in positive reinforcement training techniques and I utilize those techniques during all photo sessions.  I volunteer time with non-profit organizations and fundraising efforts in our community.  I started The S.C.A.R.F Project, which is an annual photography project to help raise funds for local dog rescue organizations and shelters.  Watch for the project to take place each fall.

I am a former United States Marine and am married to a man who served our country for 22 years.  I am blessed with a wonderful husband and beautiful daughter who give me love, support and encouragement on a daily basis.  Currently, I have six dogs who provide my life with friendship, love and endless entertainment.

My goal as a dog photographer is to capture their unique personalities, expressions, emotions, as well as the bond between the dog and their human family. For me, it is the unconditional love received from my dogs, their unwavering friendship, the tail wags that turn to butt wiggles, wet noses, the gentleness of their souls and the paw prints left on my heart…those are the many memories that I cherish. I strive to capture soulful and pure photographs of each pet that my clients will cherish forever.  Photographs can warm the heart, spark a smile and take you back to a time, a place, a memory….as we travel through “the journey” of life.

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