The Journey Photography


Well here it is, my first blog, introducing my photography website. If you had asked me 15 years ago, “do you think you will every write a blog”, I probably would have said, “what’s a blog”? As for photography, it has been a creative desire of mine since I can remember. However, I found my path in life led me in a different direction…I proudly served my country as a United States Marine, I got married, became a mom and joined the “working world”. My creative outlet was always writing poetry…along with being a mom, which of course takes a lot of creativity.

Then, a life altering experience stopped me in my tracks.  I remember the day I decided to purchase a camera and begin my journey with photography.   I woke one morning, bones creaking more than usual, the house was quiet, kids grown and gone and it hit me…WHOA, I’m getting old!  And for a moment, the world stopped and memories flooded my mind. And many of those memories included the dogs that graced my life with love and friendship over the years.  So many wonderful memories, but I was longing to see the emotion that went with them. I wished for a photograph to hold in my hand, to stare at as it took me back to another place in time and to just breathe in the emotion it portrayed. My life long passion has been “all things dogs”, and my dogs have always brought me many smiles, much love and a constant friendship.  Dog photography has always been my dream and is my passion.  

This was the turning point and I began dog photography as a hobby, to be in touch with my creative side while capturing the wiggly butts, wet noses and the very essence of each dog’s spirit. The passion to learn more, to capture more, became overwhelming and seemed to breathe new life into me.  My journey began learning photography by taking photos a very special chocolate lab in my life, who has been a huge part of the life altering experience that I mentioned.  I then began volunteering at our local shelter, in hopes a nice photograph of each dog would help them find their forever home.  I found myself surrounded by so many beautiful souls that just needed a second chance. Soon, there was an increase in the adoptions from the shelter.  Knowing that these dogs have found a second chance in a loving home was one of the most rewarding experiences.  My heart was full!  I’ve included a few images of the amazing dogs I’ve photographed at the shelter.  

This journey called “life” changes so quickly…children grow up so incredibly fast…loved ones leave our world too soon and moments fade into memories. It is my hope to help you capture heartfelt, soulful pieces of your journey with the 4 pawed loves in your life and I invite you to follow me in this new chapter of my journey.

Last but not least, I would like to thank my amazing husband, my beautiful daughter and the wonderful friends and family who have offered support and encouragement as I start this new chapter in my life.

Embrace the journey!


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