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Oh, oh, it’s that time of the year again! Why does it always feel like a mad dash during the time between Thanksgiving and the New Year? We rush around, going from store to store, trying to find just the right gifts for the people and pets in our lives. Finding the perfect gift for each person and fuzzy creature in our lives is a lot of fun - but it can also be a bit stressful to fit it all in while you work and take care of every day duties. So, we thought we’d take a little stress out of your holiday gift searching and share our best holiday gifts for pets and pet parents. Does your pet really need a luxury, velvet dress? Probably not... But, when it comes to gift-giving, pets and their humans deserve a true show of love!

The Best Holiday Gifts for Pets and Pet Parents

After a lot of discussions with pet parents, we’ve discovered a few things about gift giving. For those who love their pets, better known as “pet parents,” the best gift you can get their pet is one that helps them with their daily pet-related duties and specialty items that celebrate their pet. This can mean anything from simple, but much needed, chew toys that can keep a dog chomping for hours, to housecleaning where someone else picks up the family, including the pets, messes, all the way to emotional, heart-warming professional pet photography. Here are some of the best gifts that we recommend for our pet-loving friends!


 Treats and Chew Toys

We really love giving pet treats and chew toys as stocking stuffers. You can even make some homemade treats and wrap them in tissue paper and watch the pets curiosity get the better of them. Some of the best pet treats are those made from whole foods, like sweet potato, salmon skin, and apple slices. When it comes to chew toys, consider gifting ones that serve a dual purpose like those long-lasting dental chews with teeth-cleaning nubs.



When you give the gift of a housecleaning you aren't just giving them a house that is clean. You are also giving the gift of time - time to play, relax, and to enjoy with loved ones. This includes spending more time with their fluffy pal too! If you’re on the lookout for a gift that most people will never receive but many would absolutely love, then house cleaning is a great option.  Add a little note that describes why you selected housecleaning as a gift:

“For you to enjoy a little ‘me’ time with your furry BFF!”

Pet Sitting/Dog Walking

You can forget the gift baskets, pet sitting and dog walking are the gifts that pet parents truly need. This includes daycare and vacation care services too. When you select a well trusted pet sitting/walking service as a gift for a pet parent you can bet you’ll be the most beloved friend, relative, neighbor, or spouse. Pet parents have a lot going on in their lives, and sometimes a gift that gives them a break is really needed. It’s that simple.

Dog Grooming

There’s something so indulgent about a professional grooming! While it feels luxurious, truly it’s healthy for your pup. Giving the gift of dog grooming will help your friend’s dog have a fresh smelling coat that is free of mats and tangles, and skin free of dirt - and this translates to your friend’s home smelling great and looking great! Oh, and for allergy sufferers, a good dog grooming gift will help manage the achoos and sniffles.

Pet Photography

There is nothing like professional pet photographs to capture the true emotions of a furry family member. This is particularly true if your friend’s dog is relatively new to the family - capturing how fast puppies grow up is best caught with professional images. And professional pet photography isn’t just for puppies - capturing a dog’s life in images will be a heartwarming gift that continues to give, long after the pup passes on. This is one of the most important reasons to give a gift of professional photography. Whether a gift for someone you know who has a pet, or for yourself, you can’t go wrong with this gift.

Happy Holidays to Pets and Pet Parents

For this special holiday season we encourage you to remember those truly lovely four-legged friends of yours, and their two-legged humans’ needs.Trust us, your pet parent friends will be paw-sitively thrilled that you incorporated their pet into this gift-giving season! Oh, and if you yourself are a pet-parent, don’t forget to get yourself a little something-something to help make your life a little less stressful this holiday season.

Go ahead, treat yourself!

Wishing you and the 4 pawed loves in your life a very Happy Holiday season.

From the all of us here at Journey Photography by Cris (including our furry loves pictured below)

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